a floppy business master class

contact................ S

dear all

not always life is so kind

that there happens
what you want
sometimes you loose a client
a client moves to another part of the world

what to do
you can sing the song
what to do yes
we really don't know
we really don't know what to do

however that is not true


you are already to late

also when all your horses are running
see new people every day
give them your card
ask their card
see people personally
find new roads
let other people bring you an new ideas
never lean back
make it fun
who the new one will be

don't be critical
everyone has possibilities
many of us
say ohhh not that one
that one might bring it
go for that one
and enjoy what they have to say

dear all

so contact
a new person at least everyday


have a nice week and weekend
warmest regards floppy